Auto Show

I had such a busy weekend; I haven't had time to update anything. Well anyway, I went to the Auto Show and checked out all the new and improved vehicles. Ford was the main focus this year, with the Ford model Focus being the best re-designed car out of the whole show! There were a couple new cars that stood out as well, but for car familiarity, hands down the 2012 Ford Focus would win.
I love the style of the car compared to its predecessors since launching in 2000. The front grill has undergone a total revamp, with the exterior being more roomier and comfy compared to the previous model. The overall look is more streamlined and curvy, which brings eye appeal. Good job to the design team for this much needed revamp.
Some other cars I noticed were my usual sport and exotic cars. Lexus now have a sport car which is beautiful. Anything sleek, curvy, and fast is my kind of car. The Auto Show displayed a bright yellow 2-door Lexus coupe, which I would LOVE to get behind the wheel for a few laps.

This year there was no Lamborghini which was disappointing, even though I have been to the show room more than enough looking at my future exotic car. I love the Murcielago; such beauty it speaks for itself...

Ferrari was there in exotic yellow like the Lexus. When you are fast you need a color that screams "Look At Me!"

Another car that caught my eye was the Audi R8 GT. I Love this car too! I have expensive taste when it comes to cars. Anyway, this is another car on my wish list dream cars collection. One day once I have completed my Graduate degree.

The last car that I noticed was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell (too many letters). It look like your standard 2-door sport coupe, except it is more eco-friendly and when the lights were dim you could see the car glow which is due to the AMG paint job. After checking out the stats, it will still be able to get up with a 0-60 within 4 seconds, not shabby!

I love fashion and design in any form, so of course I got a few snap shots of the car models who outfits caught my eye. Even a fellow patron allowed me to snap their photo. I loved her boots! Enjoy the pics...
                                                           Love the skirt; Robert Rodriguez
                                                          Very comfy look with the layered
                                                          tanks and rolled up sleeves.
                                                           Simple criss cross halter white
                                                           dress. Reminds me of summer
                                                          Another simple black sheath dress
                                                          accented with necklace
                                                            I stopped her before she went
                                                            over to another car to comple-
                                                            ment her boots. The whole
                                                            outfit look warm and relaxed


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