Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Item of the Week

After the first snow fall this season, I figured it's time to start searching for some new shoes. As I reported on my wish list I would really like to get a pair of Sorel boots. I have been eyeing a pair since I saw them in a Chicago store last winter and have heard they are quite warm and comfy. In the Midwest temperatures can get drop quite low and who wants frozen toes!

The pair that I would like to get are the Joan of Arctic boots which cost $150 on Sorel website. The boots waterproof leather and suede with a removable felt liner that is topped with faux fur. They come in seven different colors and would be perfect for walking or playing in the snow.

 Sorel Joan of Arctic boots $150

Let's not forget about the men in our lives. Sorel also have a pair of boots that is as equally stylish. The Kitchener Frost boot which is priced at $195 is of waterproof leather and comes in two colors (Java and Boulder) which are similar to reddish brown and dark brown.

Sorel Kitchener Frost boot $195

Both boots can be found online at other shoe websites such as www.zappos.com and www.6pm.com and find savings from $35 to $100!

Happy Shopping and Stay Warm this Season

Until next time...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Website of the Week

As a person who has worn eyeglasses all her life I have made sure to search for the most stylish glasses since they're accessories that I have to use on a daily basis. I have been a faithful customer to SEE (Selective Eyewear Elements) for their fun and stylish eyewear at a reasonable price, but SEE isn't the website I'm promoting this week. I also love sunglasses and while searching for items for a wish list I stumbled upon TOMS One for One: Sight.

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, new mission is to have One for One for the many needs around the world. The next chapter outside of giving shoes for every shoe purchase is Sight. By purchasing a pair of sunglasses you could help a person in need of prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment. TOMS sunglasses range from $98 to $169. Here is a pair that I am putting on my Wish list.

TOMS Marco Smoke Crystal/Cadet Blue Sunglasses $98

If sunglasses are your choice for accessories, then try on a pair of TOMS. Your purchase will be helping a worthy cause.

Until next time...

Friday, November 16, 2012

2013 Makeover

So I have been on and off with my blog for almost two years. I want my blog to focus on fashion, music, and art. Things in my life that makes up me and my personality. During the last few weeks of this year I will be doing an overhaul on my website so come 2013 I will be able to focus on my website. If you have any suggestions please make comments to this post. Thanks to all that so far have been following and viewed Art is Everywhere. Can't wait until January 2013!

Until next time...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fashionably Challenged

So over the past year I have been going through some things which has caused my fashion to suffer. Grad school. new city and state away from everyone I know, and working multiple jobs and interning for free while completing various school tasks. I have been shopping, which is wonderful therapy to the soul if you like shopping, but my attire has suffered a bit. I have become laxed but there will be a change! I love shoes, purses, clothing...just fashion in general!

Well Until Next Time...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Private Sector

Hey everyone in Metro Detroit. I am currently working in the private sector as a therapist and in need of referrals to build my clientele. I'm working at a clinic in Metro Detroit and would appreciate anyone working in the Social Service sector to send referrals. Please inbox your information so my clinic can send information. 

Also if you just know someone in need of counseling, please refer them to me. Thanks in advance everyone!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fashion and Charity-Part 7

In my final installment of Fashion and Charity, I will showcase an organization that most people may be aware of; Dress for Success. This organization is a nonprofit that tax-exempt their clothing donations. Monetary donations are also accepted to provide clothing and products for the women. There are 110 locations in 12 countries world wide. There is also a men clothing organization called Career Gear. The donations and funds that are collected help women to obtain professional attire, attend programs, and help them become self-sufficient. 


Well this concludes my installment of fashionable nonprofit organizations around our country. Hope this has helped spark an interest in volunteering or donating to these or similar organizations in the name of Fashion!

Until Next Time...  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion and Charity-Part 6

For the sixth organization, I focused on is the National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers. This is another nonprofit organization geared at providing training and education for positive social and environmental change. Founded in 2008, the organization goal is to change the future for student and new designers. Members have access to monthly webinar's with topics such as "How to make Fair Trade Clothing."

These are some of the benefits of being a member of this nonprofit organization.

Until Next Time...

Fashion and Charity-Part 5

The next organization that I focused on is the Fashion Fights Poverty. The organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) fashion fundraiser in Washington D.C. Founded in 2005, the organization "it rewards and recognizes designers and organizations who embrace the powerful potential of creativity and design to address issues of poverty by adhering to such principles as fair trade, equitable compensation and the use of environmentally-sustainable materials." The second goal "providing equally attractive marketing and branding platforms between ethical designers and the growing population of socially-conscious shoppers."

The organization has partnered with schools throughout the community to fund clothing and textile programs. They also have created projects in other countries to provide sustainable income for individuals and families in developing countries.


Until Next Time...

Fashion and Charity-Part 4

The next installment is focused on Freedom and Fashion organization. The organization is a nonprofit and fair-trade business with their goal working to combat " modern-day slavery, human trafficking, child labor and human rights violations."

Their organization mission is:
"Freedom and Fashion (FnF) is dedicated to educating society about the global social issues of modern-day slavery, sex trafficking, child labor, and human rights violations. FnF addresses these injustices through the purchasing power of conscious consumerism, by increasing the demand for socially-responsible and ethically-produced goods and ensuring they are readily available to consumers. Driven by our mission, FnF’s work is grounded in our three organizational goals" Advocacy, Promotion, and Love.

The organization has applied for their 501 (c)(3) and waiting for approval.


Until Next Time...

Fashion and Charity-Part 3

The third organization I found that was nonprofit is the Curves for Change. The goal is focus on models philanthropic work word wide. The organization was founded in 2010 in efforts to advocate and support the empowerment of girls and women around the world.

One of the programs that was showcased that caught my attention is the Komera Project. Komera means "be strong, have courage" in Rwanda. The project is a nonprofit aimed at providing mentorship and financial assistance to girls where secondary education is otherwise impossible. The project helps in terms in the girls health, self-worth and breaking the "bonds of poverty."


These are both great advocacy programs that I would like to become involved in once class wraps this summer!

Until Next Time...

Fashion and Charity

For part 2 of 7, the second group that will be showcased is The Fashion Group International, Inc. This organization is a nonprofit that have 5000 members that are in the fashion industry. Their focus is to help members become more effective in their careers.

The organization mission statement is:
" To promote educational programs devoted to fashion and to the study of fashion related businesses through the creation and awarding of scholarships; establishment of internship programs; provision of career counseling services.

Organization and sponsorship of seminars and other educational activities on a national and worldwide basis.

To sponsor public service activities in which the fashion industry works, to serve relevant community needs and concerns and to stimulate and encourage membership and industry participation in such public service activities."

Their next event is a Beauty Symposium that will take place on August 7, 2012. The event will have a discussion panel with online advertising, blogging, and social media. The venue hasn't been announced, but it appears to be an interesting event to attend for new and seasoned bloggers. This event will take place in the Chicagoland area.


This wraps up part 2 of 7...
Until Next Time!

Fashion and Charity

Hello Everyone! It's been a while since my last post but I'm participating in my graduate nonprofit organization social work course at Loyola University. For the next several hours there will be post related to nonprofit and organizations related to fashion/design which is one of my hobbies.

The first organization I found was called Fashion for Charity which is based in Miami, FL. Their goal is to raise funds for nonprofit organizations through fashion charitable events. The most recent event occurred on June 9, 2012 which was called Tea at 2. The organization mission was to bring awareness to girls and families in restoring and preserving the family unit. Donations to attend the event was $500 that benefited the Girl Power organization.

To find out more about either of the organizations mentioned there are links to their sites.

This is Part 1 of 7...
Until Next Time...  

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Pop of Color

Happy Monday! I know it's winter, but I'm already craving for Spring to arrive. With that being said, Out with the boring Fall/Winter colors and In with some color for Spring 2012.

Traces of color are slowly popping up in department stores and online. I can't wait 'til Spring is here, so I can actually experience sunlight other than for a few hours, or peaking through the tall skyscrapers in the Windy City. To get in the mood for Spring, here are a few of my choices that I'm eyeing for my wardrobe. As always, out with the "Old" and in with the "New."

 H&M Papaya Blazer $50

 ASOS Cami with Color Block Swing $55

 BCBG Max Azria 
Richie Stripped Pencil Skirt $158

Express Zelda Jean in Bright Yellow $80

BCBG Max Azria 
Runway Sophy Dress $548
Forever 21 Bejeweled Hinge Bracelet $8

 Dorothy Perkins Turquoise Snake Platform $79

I hope these few items give you some ideas of what too look forward in the next few weeks. 
Happy Shopping!

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone have been enjoying the holiday season so far in 2012. My plans for this year is to complete my courses to receive my Masters degree this summer. What are your plans for the year? I also plan to try and have a new post once a week due to my hectic schedule.

I hope everyone have a wonderful and safe new year.

Until next time!