Fashion and Charity

For part 2 of 7, the second group that will be showcased is The Fashion Group International, Inc. This organization is a nonprofit that have 5000 members that are in the fashion industry. Their focus is to help members become more effective in their careers.

The organization mission statement is:
" To promote educational programs devoted to fashion and to the study of fashion related businesses through the creation and awarding of scholarships; establishment of internship programs; provision of career counseling services.

Organization and sponsorship of seminars and other educational activities on a national and worldwide basis.

To sponsor public service activities in which the fashion industry works, to serve relevant community needs and concerns and to stimulate and encourage membership and industry participation in such public service activities."

Their next event is a Beauty Symposium that will take place on August 7, 2012. The event will have a discussion panel with online advertising, blogging, and social media. The venue hasn't been announced, but it appears to be an interesting event to attend for new and seasoned bloggers. This event will take place in the Chicagoland area.

This wraps up part 2 of 7...
Until Next Time!


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