Brights for Spring: Part III

Brights for Spring will conclude with its focus on accessories. Anyone can pull off an accessory within our colorful ROYGBIV. Today showcase will feature earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches from Forever 21, H&M, ASOS, and Neiman Marcus. Let's begin!

Forever 21 is an ever expanding clothing and accessory retail that is wallet-friendly for anyone on a budget. Their accessories are inexpensive and a easy way to update any outfit. Some finds to get you started are the Mother of Pearl circle earrings in yellow for just $4! Two other reasonable price to items to update your jewelry collection are the vibrant beads chain necklace at $8 and the vibrant ribbon wrapped bangle set for $10, which could be worn together since they are both turquoise or separately. 

Our next stop is H&M. There weren't that many eye-catching bright jewelry, but this yellow bird necklace at just $8 is worth the mention. There is also a grosgrain fabric belt that comes in red and yellow and other colors for $6.

Now we're off to ASOS with jewelry finds for under $100. These fun deco style 2-tier opaques stone earrings comes in orange and blue for only $18. There is two bangles that are also fun in shape and color. The yellow wooden angular bracelet is priced at $81 while the smoked resin purple angular bracelet comes in at $18.

The last stop is to Neiman Marcus which is more expensive compared to the earlier mentions, but the jewelry is worth the mentions for style and wearabilty. This Michael Kors silicone watch comes in a few colors but will showcase the designer green version at $160. Kara Ross faceted big coral ring would complement ASOS angular bracelets coming in at $290. Our final showcase piece is the Dannijo stingray studded cuff at $290. The pricer jewelry could be worn multiple times this spring and summer, which would make the cost-per-wear just as expensive as the other showcase jewelry and worth the investment.

This concludes the Brights for Spring collection. I hope you enjoyed and are prepared to go shopping for these new finds or have a inspiration from the collection. Until next time!  


  1. love all this bright jewelery!! they could really spice up an outfit ;)

  2. Thanx! My fav one is the Dannijo bracelet. So bright and simple yet still striking.


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