Brights for Spring: Part I

Since Spring is here and we're slowly approaching summer in a few weeks, bright colors is the best way to transition from our neutral colors of winter. There will be three parts to the "Brights for Spring." Part I will feature colorful bottoms, which seem to have become popular again. Part II will feature shoes and Part III will be on accessories.

I searched high and low on the trusty world wide web and came to these reasonable finds for colorful bottoms. When going colorful on the bottom, it's easier to go neutral for tops since the focus will be towards the bottom. For the  risk takers, a fun printed top or colors from the same palette will suffice. Lets dive into the fun finds shall we...

Diesel has a few colorful jeans outside your standard blue. The Livy and Matic jeans are both $140 and come in pink and yellow. The Zivy jeans are $220 in spearmint and all three jeans are skinny. 

Our next stop is Yoox which has a pretty wide selection of skinny and flare jeans. Here are just three to get you started. Nolita jeans come in a flare lilac color for $98. Another brand is the Meltin Pot low waisted skinny jean in red for $69. Finally Met in Jeans straight leg low waisted jean comes in light green at $89.

J Brand is our last stop, which have quite a few bright colors for their new collection. Their 811 Mid Rise Skinny jean comes in about 10 colors ranging from light cream to bright royal and cost $176. The 935 low rise capri comes in 4 colors ranging from white to tumbled hot pink at $165. The last style which has a range of colors from bright to neutral is their slim fit 1225 Inez jean at a cost of $189.

Well this is the end of Part I, until tomorrow when we continue with Part II: Shoes.


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