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Jennifer Lopez Love? is Lopez seventh recorded album. The album consists of a dance/pop feel which the album recording started while she was pregnant. Love? is recorded under Island Def Jams after she was released from her contract from Sony Entertainment. Lopez latest album is one of her more personal releases. When she spoke to MTV she described the album as "Different moments in love." The overall feel is about love with some tracks to definitely listen to. Rating for the album 3.5 out of 5.

Worth downloading: "Story of My Life", "Run the World", "Papi", and "One Love"

Musiq Soulchild MUSIQINTHEMAGIQ is his sixth recorded album. As his previous albums, it is geared towards the R&B/neo-soul genre. For the most part, the tracks seem to blend together for smooth seamless album to listen to. The album MUSIQINTHEMAGIQ was released under Atlantic Records, which is his third recording with the company. Some critics have commented that his latest album isn't as strong as his previous work. Musiq stated to that "Every time I put together a project, I think of it as my first project." There are a few glitches in the album as for the tracks, but Musiq still put together a pretty solid album. Rating for the album 4 out of 5.

Worth downloading: "Single", "Lovecontract", "Dowehaveto", and "Medicine"


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