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As a person who has worn eyeglasses all her life I have made sure to search for the most stylish glasses since they're accessories that I have to use on a daily basis. I have been a faithful customer to SEE (Selective Eyewear Elements) for their fun and stylish eyewear at a reasonable price, but SEE isn't the website I'm promoting this week. I also love sunglasses and while searching for items for a wish list I stumbled upon TOMS One for One: Sight.

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, new mission is to have One for One for the many needs around the world. The next chapter outside of giving shoes for every shoe purchase is Sight. By purchasing a pair of sunglasses you could help a person in need of prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment. TOMS sunglasses range from $98 to $169. Here is a pair that I am putting on my Wish list.

TOMS Marco Smoke Crystal/Cadet Blue Sunglasses $98

If sunglasses are your choice for accessories, then try on a pair of TOMS. Your purchase will be helping a worthy cause.

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