Learning Self-Care

Hey Everyone! While starting my next degree, I began practicing yoga postures/asanas to help minimize stress from my studies. I've been practicing since September 2014 and since then I definitely have progressed physically, but I'm still a work in practice mentally. School doesn't necessarily causes stress, unless I procrastinate until the last minute to complete a major assignment. It's the day to day things that causes stress.

There has been a lot of personal changes during the past few months, which are definitely challenging. Since I participate in Instagram yoga mini and month long challenges, physically it has helped minimize my stress, but I'm still a work in progress mentally and spiritually. Being a social worker doesn't help as well. I'm always able to give sound advice to others, but for whatever reason unable to follow my own words of advice.

This month I decided I need to focus more on self-care and practice what I preach. To be mindful that I can't change everything in my life in an instant. That things happen for a reason to be a life learning lesson so I can grow overall. So with my mindfulness practice, I have learned that I need to just be quiet sometimes. Whether it's not arguing with someone over something that is minor or practicing mindfulness meditation.

During meditation, a person should dedicate an allotted amount of time, whether it's five minutes in the beginning and work up to 60 minutes of quietness to still the mind. Live in the moment and stop stressing about the past and present. If being still and quiet is too much, try repeating a mantra to help you focus on yourself, so at the end of the day, YOU are Creating your own HAPPINESS.

We can't blame others how we live our life. We can accept what's going on now and learn how to change to have a more positive outlook on life. As I always say, speak it into existence and from there create how you want to live your life. You are responsible for your happiness. No one can give that to you, but yourself.

Take care and persevere!

Love and Light,

Until Next Time... 


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