For the Romantics: A day to remember

I have a few hours of sleep due to watching the pomp and circumstance of the newly titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate). The whole event was beautiful and fit for a fairytale. Princes William and Harry arrive early in their military uniforms to greet guest. Being the romantic, Prince William promise to wait and see Princess Kate gown until she stands next to him at the alter. Being the mischevious younger brother, turned around to see Princess Kate come down the alter. When the new couple finally see each other, there are nothing but smiles. After the bishop confirms the union, the crowd in the background makes a thunderous cheer.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds walk hand-in-hand down Westminster Abbey to their open-top carriage and wave to the waiting crowd. Eventually after the entire royal family arrives back at Buckingham Palace the couple walk out to the balcony and hear the chanting crowd yelling "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" The oblige the crowd with a quick peck, but then break tradition and kiss for a second time! This time you can see Prince William saying "No more!" while he blushes.

This ends the anticipated wedding of the "century." Many romantics at heart will now have inspiration for their upcoming nuptials. To the newly weds, many blessings be upon them.


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