Music Scene

I hope everyone enjoyed their time today, I did. No school, field placement, or work today. I haven't had a Friday off in a while. I had time to catch up on some reading, even though I should have been studying for my finals. Anyway, I read/skimmed this month Elle issue and it's their annual "music issue." I noticed in the "Download Now," they had quite a few artist from the U.K. I'm listening to some of the artist now on Grooveshark, which allows you to hear their radio stations of electronica, pop, rap, indie, rock, and classic. You can also search for artist and save them to your favorites. One of the artist the recommended is Tinie Tempah. He is a rapper that has lyrics laced with techno, which isn't bad. The other artist I listened to was Beth Ditto, also from the U.K. The track that Elle recommended was "Good Night Good Morning." I listened to the track and the other available songs on Grooveshark. I weren't feeling any of them.  Maybe someone else may enjoy her music. The last artist I found in the issue was Theophilus London. After listening to "Sand Castle", "Chocolate and Wine" and "Flying Over". After listening them I would say it's listenable and somewhat different from the repetitive rap genre we have today. Personally I would add it to my favorite list. Well thanks to Elle annual music issue, I did find one new artist to listen to.  

                                                                       Tinie Tempah
                                                                         Beth Ditto
                                                                Theophilus London


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