I love Music!

While at work listening to the same repetitive music I hear everyday I'm there, I heard the O'Jays "I Love Music". That rung true to me. I don't have a preference to music. I can listen to about anything if it has a good beat. I'm not saying all the lyrics might great, but for the most part the rhythm is what get me.
Intertwining music and fashion made me think of some shoes I spotted in the May 2011 Elle issue. I looked hard to find the Roger Vivier embroidered satin tassel detail sandals (p.163) and the Christian Louboutin pearl-trim leather pumps (p.134). When  a picture becomes available or I take a pic from the magazine I will update the post.
I did manage to find some other fun shoes from my favorite designer, Christian Louboutin; Change of Guard, which are an online exclusive and the Madame Butterfly. I did manage to get pictures of these since their a little older. The Madame Butterfly even have a style-inspired shoe from who else, Steve Madden for a reasonable price of $129.95. I can see it now, on the dance floor and all eyes are not on your moves but your shoes!

                                                       Christian Louboutin $1,695
                                                        Christian Louboutin $1,195
                                                             Steve Madden $129.95


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