Video Games: Mortal Kombat 9

I remember as a young girl watching my brother play Mortal Kombat and after a combo was completed would hear the word "Toasty!" This is a classic for the still running game Mortal Kombat. Apparently Dan "Toasty" Forden makes an appearance somewhere in game.
The latest addition, MK9, has some great visuals, that you forget you're fighting and get side tracked. There's one scene, which is the last Boss, where you're at an arena and on both sides of the Boss throne are scantly clad women and a crowd going crazy for the fighters. Another scene there are people on stakes, which make you feel you're watching a clip from Dante's Inferno. Other than the background, the characters costumes are well designed and the characters details of appearing human or mutant is well done.
For game play, I personally like Noob, with Jade and Sonya Blade following right after. I haven't had time to "study" the moves, but with some time I think I could master some combo moves. Great game in design and play  overall. It is rated M for Mature for some of the language, partial nudity, and the gory Fatality, which is a classic for the game. I would rate the game 4.5 out 5!


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